by Soma Crew

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EP recorded by Simon Micklethwaite at Woolpack Inn, York.


released May 5, 2016

Vocal / Guitar; Simon Micklethwaite
Guitar; Steve Kendra
Drums; Nick Barker
Production; Chris Wilkinson
Artwork & lyrics; Simon Micklethwaite



all rights reserved


Soma Crew York, UK


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Track Name: Pulp
⦁ Sell your story, a screenplay for it, a four year production, we can dance on it, discect it. I wouldn't pay you the complement of letting you know the next episode; a tawdry hollow monologue.
⦁ Abuse of power comes as no surprise: schoolyard bullies teach head down, hard work, fear is freedom, dazed by unblinking relentless frenzy. Intelligent artifice / intelligent art (will) pulp the digital discourse.
⦁ Actors at the monopoly table (dreams demented), make plastic impossible! The padded walls are fraying our concrete skin.....compromise everything. Whip the market into shapeless necessity, round and round the set square boundary. Compromise everything, fumble for forgotten promises, feed on fanstasy. New models ridicule all this fast talk in the pen.
⦁ Our ancestors, gravity well-healed trojan horses, box us in, merciless, trampling over the flowers.
⦁ We are all connected.
Track Name: Path With Heart
Come follow the path with heart, my friend and raise you glass to this; the road is where the start will end and all our lives begin.
⦁ As we climb the path with heart, my friend, lets turn our heads to face the road that charts our long ascent to rapture and release from treasure that smothers our cavity airwaves; where digital visions seek terminal curses and rocking horse sermons deliver amnesia.
⦁ Lets listen to the path with heart, my friend and yet be heard above the roar of this dark road that lights our inner realm; where mushrooms of prophesy call from the forest, cast doubt on the back heart, its mortal intention.
⦁ Let harmony soft-shoe the serious footsteps.
⦁ The horizon beats loud for our dreams and spirits of murderers haunting the mansion take favourable glances at stragglers and blind men, and cynical servants lead teardrop invasions.
⦁ Lets shelter the gambler whose house has been taken and rescue the lover from whirlpools of hatred.
⦁ The light catch your eye, with you by my side.
Track Name: Vital Signs
Can you see the spider weave silk illusions?
Its easy....
⦁ The bitterness you hold inside is killing all the love you hide. Believe me; there's so many tales to tell. Dive into this wishing well; Its easy (to) find out where the future lies.
⦁ Your confusion multiplies, believe me!
⦁ Find a way to turn around this disease corrupting all our vital signs because yesterday was an open door. I bet you didn't like the things you saw, and how does it feel when you've got to turn your back on all that you know to be true?
Track Name: Prizefighter
They can kick your teeth as you're bending down to eat these peaches and cream (tastes so sour). You can dream of a time when the well was not dry. They can tell you to shape up, and walk with a man; he will talk of your future.
⦁ Be prepared to lie down with your eyes on the ground, hear them circling your camp whispering....
"This is your chance to find fortune and fame."
⦁ Was that ever your game?
⦁ Bring yourselves to your feet, count the injured, the weak because they'll try hypnotise, you'll believe in their lies, keep your eyes on the prize (what you're looking for).
⦁ Its so clear to the few who believed in you, knew, before scavengers smelt out your blood, they can tell that extortion's their game.
⦁ Keep your eyes on them trained, look for guides through this land who can read, understand you. Take heed of your right to your choice to decide, keep your eyes on the prize - what you're looking for, prizefighter.